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Practical Python for Subsea Engineers



About the Course

Python is the worlds most popular programming language and an incredibly powerful tool for subsea engineers. This course provides a complete introduction to Python and then focuses on practical use-cases for engineers. The final module focuses on the OrcaFlex API and combines the skills learnt in the early weeks to ensure students become ultra-efficient OrcaFlex users.

The course topics are:

What is Python?
Installing Python and using an IDE
Data types and how they are used
Iteration and sequences
Modules and packages

Working with files
Working with Spreadsheets
Fast mathematics with Numpy
Easy data analysis with Pandas
Plotting and presenting data
Writing Word documents
Objects and Instances

Introduction to the OrcFxAPI
Models and Objects
Extracting Results
Wizards and tools
Processing batches
Worked examples

The course is delivered using Google Classroom and consists of 1 hour lessons in small groups (max 8 people). Each lesson will be followed with a quiz and assignments will be set. Feedback on quizzes and assignments will be provided in short one-to-one video calls

Your Instructor

Steven Rossiter

Steven Rossiter

Steven has over 15 years software development experience and was the founder of an award-winning subsea engineering consultancy. He is passionate about the power of coding to improve productivity and quality in engineering.

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Other course structures and delivery methods are available.
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